Dedicated to Roger O. Egeberg & Raymond P. Shafer
2 True American Patriots, from both sides of the Aisle

Written By: Bud Goode


For every American behind bars, for a non-violent marijuana related offense, the federal government is guilty of wrongful prosecution, and they know it! Since our current President was the president of Havard Law School, it's safe to say that he know's it as well. He didn't create this policy, but we are of the opinion that he is bound by the policies of the party that got him elected, and is running his re-election. We are not saying that the office of the President of the USA is not the most powerful position in the world, we are just saying, with consideration to whoever may be dressed up and put on stage to run against him, it seems like if they won the presidency, they would have nothing more than a camera friendly spokesperson saying whatever their Party tells them to say. I know the democrats are fraught with corruption as well, but it does seem like we have someone in the Whitehouse trying to address some very real, and very serious problems in this country, that were clearly not of his making. And half of the government is doing everything they can to sink him, even though the country cannot afford politics as usual. Bipartisanship seems to have digressed to political cannabilism. I am not starting a rant of my feeble little opinion. Thanks to the information age, I am able to research and validate information, with a few exceptions ( The sealed files on the JFK assassination, Area 51, Jimmy Hoffa‘s actual whereabouts...). So with this wonderful technology, one is able to see what actually went down, during the Nixon administration, regarding the issue of Marijuana’s classification as a Schedule I substance in America. We would also like to pose a common sense question:
When the ONLY President in the history of this great nation resigns his presidency for criminal activity, shouldn't every quantifiable action he was involved in, be subject to review, in lite of his blatantly criminal behavior?

Before we get into what Roger's part was in marijuana’s classification, let’s get a little background on the man: {Doing Ace Ventura impression of sucking in a bunch of air, before exhaling a plethora of information}

Roger Olaf Egeberg:

Dr. Egeberg was born in Chicago, the 13th of November, 1903.
In 1925 he received a bachelor's degree from Cornell University . In 1929 he earned his medical degree from Northwestern University. Egeberg then began his career as a medical educator at Western Reserve University in Cleveland.

Doc Egeberg, as all good patriots do, also served on the battle field!
He was General Douglas MacArthur's personal physician during WWII in the Pacific Theatre. During the war, he rose to the rank of colonel and won the Bronze Star and the Legion of Merit.

Once he returned from the war, he was appointed chairman of Gov. Pat Brown's Committee on the Study of Medical Aid and Health in 1960. He worked for a year and came up with 108 recommendations, including health programs for the poor, improved hospital care and a government medical program for the elderly five years before Medicare was passed.

The good doctor became the head of LAC,and USC in 1956 and dean of the medical school in 1964. He was responsible for the “Watts Neighborhood Health Center“ in Los Angeles. Shortly after he became dean of USC, riots broke out in Watts. Egeberg was one of the first to offer medical aid and led the effort to build the center.

In An August 1969 profile in Medical World News said "Dr. Egeberg's blunt, guileless approach to life made him a favorite with USC students, who refer to him fondly as 'Father Earth.'" Egeberg left USC in 1969.

During the Nixon administration, Roger served as Assistant Secretary of Health in the Department of Health, Education and Welfare. He called for expansion of health insurance coverage, especially for the poor, and reduction of health-care costs. Egeberg, quickly gained a reputation as being the most colorful character in the upper echelons of the Nixon administration. President Nixon's Republican cabinet was not at all happy with Tricky Dick’s first choice for the job of Assistant Secretary of Health. In the political realm, Doctor Egeberg was not treated with great regard to his talents, but rather, he was constantly attacked as being too liberal.


Writers Note: After learning all that I have written above, I feel be that Dr. Egeberg got dogged for nothing more than being an honest American, by telling the truth about marijuana. He had so many accomplishments, but when he went against the grain, he got black balled. Still, he was respected enough to shrug it off and keep going, after Nixon resigned. A public servant for the people, and for democracy, not for hypocrisy. The very idea that TODAY, the Government can say “Marijuana is a Dangerous drug, and that is what doctor Egeberg determined." This is absolutely false. There is written documentation to prove this. The ONLY official document from the Federal government on Marijuana is the Shafer Commission Report. Close to 700 pages. “Marihuana: A Signal of Misunderstanding” It calls for Decriminalization. ( Read The Shafer Commision in “Exclusive Content”, under Collective Information of the Natures Gift Website).

Roger Olaf Egeberg Was NOT For the propagation of misinformation about Marijuana. This man was a famous, and critically acclaimed physician. He never said ANYTHING to even remotely imply that marijuana was hazardous, or dangerous, aside from the obvious negative effects of inhaling smoke, which although considered unhealthy, is not considered dangerous.
He never was quoted as saying anything that is documented in our governments history as conclusive evidence, advocating the permanent classification of Marijuana as a Schedule I substance. In fact, it is documented by our own government, that Egeberge had suggested to President Nixon that it only be temporarily placed as a schedule I substance, until the findings from the Shafer commission were complete. The Commission presented its report to congress, on March 22, 1972. It clearly suggests decriminalzation. And still today, the Federal government acts as if it has no conclusive findings, and no official document to substantiate the truth abut marijuana.

Quote from Dr. Egeberg
"Some question has been raised whether the use of the plant itself produces "severe psychological or physical dependence" as required by a schedule I or even schedule II criterion. Since there is still a considerable void in our knowledge of the plant and effects of the active drug contained in it, our recommendation is that marihuana be retained within schedule I at least until the completion of certain studies now underway to resolve the issue. If those studies make it appropriate for the Attorney General to change the placement of marihuana to a different schedule, he may do so in accordance with the authority provided under section 201 of the bill. . .”

Nixon agreed, assuming they would get on board with the current Republican administration's agenda. Instead the Shafer Commission report ( written by a Republican ) also suggested legalization, and using alternate methods of discouraging use, other than imprisonment.

Dr. Egeberg campaigned openly for the decriminalization of marijuana. He felt, as did Raymond Shafer, that the penalties for merely using marijuana, were extremely excessive, and led to what can only be described as over prosecution of thousands of non violent drug offenders.

While serving in the Nixon administration, Egeberg won admiration within the department as an outspoken advocate of expanding the Government's role in solving the nation's health care problems. He fought for more money for medical programs and for more attention to health care by the White House. In 1970, the Doc was asking for $100 million to immediately expand the training of more doctors and nurses. He said that the Health, Education and Welfare Secretary, Robert H. Finch, and the department's Under Secretary, John C. Veneman, were not taking his advice on health matters and that Mr. Nixon's advisers openly ignored him. Health care was a subject Mr. Nixon had emphasized in his 1968 campaign (because he was working hand in hand with what would become Kaiser Permanente), but Dr. Egeberg said in the interview that “the White House just doesn't appreciate, doesn't know, what is going on in the health field.” He added, “I just can't get through to Ehrlichman“, referring to John D. Ehrlichman, the President's chief aide for domestic matters. Dr. Egeberg also denied
rumors at the time that he might step down, saying, “I may be fired because
of my words and actions, but I won't quit.”
Officials of the department, including Mr. Finch, expressed dissatisfaction with Dr. Egeberg's managerial skills. In 1971, he left his post and became the Health Secretary's special assistant for health policy, from 1971 to 1977; special assistant for health education, in 1976 and 1977, and special consultant to the President for health affairs, from 1971 to 1977.

After an illustrious and distinguished career, This Doctor was treated with less respect, then probably any other position he held in his entire life by the very government that he once directly served. So was the same for Raymond P. Shafer, a Republican Patriot who shocked his party with the truth about marijuana. If you read their respective stories, you will see that these men could not be bought. And they had accredited credentials to back up their positions. They had evidence.

And some how the federal government has been unable to see, what anyone on the planet with an internet connection can learn today. There are forces at work that are undemocratic. The truth does not have any baring on the decisions made by our “leaders”. How can the truth be in plain site, and yet, what Roger O Egeberg did in 1970, clearly documented as a temporary measure until the Shafer Commision report was complete, has been perverted into something it clearly was never intended to be. The Doctor was quoted as saying: " I never intended for marijuana to be permanently classified as a Schedule I Substance." The Shafer Commision being the only official federal body to ever document anything by the United States Government in regards to marijuana. And somehow they act as if the word “temporary” never existed. They act as if the Federal government did not write themselves, a nearly 700 page document that suggests decriminalization, and treating drug use more as a health issue, than a criminal activity.

The truth is right in front of us. All we want is the truth. How can that be bad? And if we can’t have it, how is our government any different than any other oppressive ruler? Food for thought.

With the Wall St. Bailouts, and the Bank Bailout, and Unemployment on the rise, and people demonstrating against corporate greed in the streets, and still the fallacy of marijuana being dangerous is still alive and well. It doesn’t matter what Dr. Egeberg intended. It doesn’t matter what is in the Shafer commision report. It doesn’t matter what ancient civilizations, or scores of licensed physicians around the globe say today. It doesn’t matter what the American Medical Association has admitted. It doesn’t matter that the only prescription drug available for your ailment is unnecessarily hammering away at your organs, and giving you bad side effects ( like driving your car around in your sleep). It doesn’t matter that just about everything approved these days by the FDA lists death as a “side effect” , at yet we are still supposed to believe that they are concerned for our health? And it doesn’t matter that using marijuana has never been directly linked to the death of a single human being in the history of the world.

Why do you suppose that is? Are they looking out for us, or themselves?

What value does the truth have, today in America?